About Us

Water is the vital element par excellence

However, on its journey from the aquifers to where it is used, it can come across unwelcome substances. This is where Profine® intervenes to provide everyone with its good and safe water, free from unwelcome guests. In a sector which is here today and gone tomorrow, where customers are sometimes duped by means of swindling methods, with no actual knowledge of water, the brand which is identified with quality in water purification stands out thanks to its reliability and certifications.


All Zeroprince products have been conceived and designed to meet any water requirement.

Product care also envisages laboratory tests which run for months, simulating use according to its intended use (household, professional…),including periods of inactivity, a constant check of chemical analyses between incoming water and microfiltered water which highlights the efficacy of the treatment. All products are 100% Made in Italy.