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  • Pure water. Pure drinking. Clean look.
  • Simple.

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Zero Prince

Pure water. Pure drinking. Clean look. Buy Now


water simplified. Buy Now

Tap water. Reinvented.

A distinct approach to Reverse Osmosis that will revolutionize your relationship with water.

Complex Simplicity.

Italian design. Italian made.

Award winning design.

Compasso d' Oro Winner

Reverse Osmosis. Made small.

We removed the bulky elements considered “critical” for performance. Leaving more space in your kitchen. Whilst maintaining top water quality and system performance.

So beautiful. It’s a shame to hide it.

ZERO gives you better than bottled water quality directly from the tap of your home, without BPA (Bisphenol A).

one set of filters.

10,000 plastic bottles not used.

Pre and Post Filters

Save the environment.

eliminate the use of bottled water.

Unmatched Performance

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Reverse osmosis water filtration filter

Simple Installation

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Financing Available from 0% APR

NSF certified. WQA approved.

All materials used are suitable for contact with food. The water that comes out of Zero is the finest and safest. Zero removes dangerous substances present in water. Safety guaranteed.